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This plan sounds great to me too. Where do you get the list of core foods?


Good point! I'm blogging about this, next. Thanks, Kim.


im trying the core plan, but was wondering if anyone is loosing weight on it?? let me know


Can anyone give me a sample menu for starting day 1 and how they felt? Thank you


I found the Core Foods list on Dotti's Weight Loss Page--a member posted it on the message board. In the first two days, I have lost two pounds. But I didn't know there are limits to amounts--i made a vegetable soup with all core points; maybe I ate too much of that today. If you know the amounts that are OK to eat (and I want to know how to count wine!), I'd love to hear more, but so far, so good!!


I started core on Sept. 4 my first week I lost 4.5 pounds. It's pretty easy. I wish I could get some recipes from others to help with my meal planning. e-mail me at ofc_kids


My questions is . .how do I figure out how many points foods are that are not core foods


I've been on the Core Plan for two weeks now. I've lost 3 pounds each week! I always feel strange about not tracking the food I'm eating but it seems as long as I drink my water and really pay attention to when I'm satisfied instead of looking at this as a "free for all" I do very well and most of the time I don't find myself hungry at all. I'd like to find more recipes for the Core Plan but I've found for those with a sweet tooth, if you pop a bag of the 94% fat free popcorn, spray it with the 0 point spray butter and then sprinkle Splenda and Cinnamon over it it makes a great treat and curves that craving for sweets!
Good luck to all!


94% fat free Kettle corn and FF/SF chocolate pudding are saving my life! I am a returning lifetime member still trying to lose post pregnancy weight from my 4 year old :-(. In the first week, I have lost 4.25 pounds, and that was with taking the weekend off to enjoy Halloween. I would also love to find out where to get Core plan would be nice to get some variety. The best part about this plan is I am not hungry and I am slowly learning to choose nutritious snacks....something I NEVER did with points.


I am also looking for some (Canadian) Core Plan recipes and ideas...Unfortunately we (In Canada) do not have a lot of fat free stuff.
Please email me at


I am so glad that yesterday I found your website for support. I started the WW core plan Nov. 5. I lost 5.0 pounds in the first week. The second week I only lost .5 pounds, but I was shocked that I lost anything because I went over the 35 point limit by at least 10 points. You'd be surprised too to hear that the night before my weight watchers meeting I attended a large dinner party for my boyfriend's company. I consumed a small dinner roll, a slice of ham, a small serving of pecan brown sugar sweet potatoes, a small serving of garlic herbed roasted potatoes, green beans, shrimp cocktail, a side salad, and a glass of white wine. Oh yeah, and I shared a slice of cheese cake with my fiance! The weight watchers leader who weighed me the next day said not to feel bad that I only lost a half pound, but I was thrilled because I thought for sure after a big dinner like that I'd gained weight. However, I must admit that I did control my portions better than I have in the past. Also, I am walking about 10 miles per week and this must have increased my metabolism. The core plan really is manageable for somebody who goes out to eat. I feel clearer headed and more awake on this healthier food. In the past, I ate white kaiser rolls, deli meat, hamburgers, fatty cheeses, etc. on a daily basis and I felt bloated and tired out.

Thanks to everybody for the great recipes! You all are quite creative. I eat alone most week nights and I hate dragging out too many pots. Some of the tasty foods I like in the core plan are Heinz vegetarian baked beans, Post Bran Flakes with strawberries or blueberries(1 point for this cereal, but filling and tasty), Smart Dog soy franks (with mustard), and Campbell's vegetable soup which is thick with tasty vegetables.

I don't think WW should advocate drinking diet drinks. I quit drinking diet soda about 9 months ago because I had developed an awful craving for sweets. Then I read a couple websites that said that aspartame was extremely bad for your health. It was very hard quitting at first, but it's gotten easier. My craving for sweets has diminished to a normal level again and many desserts and candies are now TOO sweet for me. I also haven't had a regular soda since Nov. 5. I miss coca cola a little, but not as much as I thought I would. I don't drink coffee so I get caffeine thru unsweetened iced tea that I make myself. Please everybody keep the tips coming!


Hi....Just stopped by for some support. I would love to have a buddy who might be able to guide me through the core plan. I KNOW WW works but every now and again, I need some help. Thanks everyone!!


I too was familiar with the Flex Points plan and went checking on the differences between flex/core. Didn't find anything at WW site, but am finding great info here. I really need to get back on something soon and start exercising and staying with it too.

I keep reading your site, hoping to find the Core foods list as well. Any info that may be helpful can be sent to me directly at; thanks so much.

PS: I'd like to lose and keep off 50 lbs.


I was about ready to swtich over to the Flex Plan. I simply could not understand the Core. Thanks so much for making this understandable.


Ok, so are there other men on this??

I started core a week ago, and of course, come weigh-in, I was unable to go. However, I love it. With 35 points a week to 'play' with, I am very satisfied. I make soups with chicken breast, veggies and couscous. I bought a bag of barley the other day and will try that next time.

I used to be a big fruit juice drinker, and have been upset not to have it. However, I supplement with bottles of water, crystal-lite and a wonderful product called 'Fruit Refreshers' which is made with Splenda and is amazingly good.

My points all seem to go to carbs, but that's ok, with so many points, it's easy.

Good Luck folks, I'm nearing my goal...2005 will be the banner year (over 80 lbs lost on WW so far!)

feel free to write:


Hi everyone, I just happened upon your site. It is great! I have been trying to get my body into loosing wt again, I know that sounds strange? I know I need to loose the wt, but either i am scared or something but i can't seem to get started. I like many of you can not afford to go to meetings or get the support from ww on line. I am going to try to do this on my own. Any suggestions? I even got a new exercise tape and think it will be great but I guess I can't get off my butt to start it. It says I can't eat for 2 hours before I exercise. I work shift work so mornings are hard getting me ready and the kids ready for school, I work 12 hour shifts so I really don't feel like it then!. I had been on ww with the point system and had lost 30 lbs, I had a great friend who was a great motivator, but she moved away from out small town. I live in the country and don't like walking on gravel roads.
I guess i need some help, motivation etc!
I was also looking for some nice easy, breakfast and lunch ideas that i can take to work with me, and some good snack ideas!
The afternoons are my worst time because i am tired so if i see a box of chocolates i eat some, no not just one i eat a few!!! So if anyone has any great wisdom, recipes etc please E-Mail them to me.
Thankyou, for having this great site!


I've been vacilating between core and flex plans. It seems to be working, but I stick with one or the other for at least a week. I have found a lot of recipes that work for the WW core plan in the South Beach plan cookbooks.
Better than SB though because WW has more guilt free choices.


great to find people talking about core. my ww meeting has only one other person doing core, so not much help there. I feel like it is teaching me to eat better, but I still need to keep from straying a little (eg substituting light cheese for ff cheese and not counting it in the extra points). I did find some good recipes by searching for "core" in the recipe index at barbosrecipekitchen (this might not be the exact address, but if you google barbos you will find it). I would love some more recipes, and to talk about it.


I alternate the flex and the core. Core will give you a boost and start you to losing again if you are stalled. I lost 3.5 Lbs after about 8 months on flex, a loss of 39 lbs and a pretty long (1 month)stall in weight loss. Usually it slows down so I was prepared but I wanted something to boost me back into loss. This did it. I like to alternate with the Core about 1 week per month. To me, the only thing is, it takes lots of preparation. Making sure you have snacks for work ect. I couldn't do it all the time but as an alternate I like it really well. I use points on wine ect. By the way, wine is counted just like with flex. Approximately 4 oz is 2points. Sweeter Dessert wine is 2 points for 2 oz. I am pretty much an expert on flex but the core is new to me and I am doing MUCH research so I know how to curb my cravings with foods that fit into the core! Good Luck!


I'm down 6 pounds since 01-13; which is great for me! I am very pleased. Is anyone else seeing a similarity between Core and South Beach?


I started the core plan last week and have lost 5 lbs, basically a pound a day.....I am sure it's mostly water weight, but it's ok, at least it's extra weight I don't need! I love the fact that you don't have to count as long as you eat the core foods.....the hardest part for me is eating non-fat dairy because I am so accustomed to eating low-fat dairy and there is a huge difference in the taste! I like to save my points for the weekends so I can splurge a bit instead of spending them each day, but sometimes it's hard not to spend the points each day, especially with salad dressing!

I think this plan is great because it keeps you accountable to eating whole foods that truly nourish your body instead of eating highly refined and processed foods that are just wasted calories! It just feels good to treat your body with care :)

I hope everyone is doing well on this plan and if anyone wants to share recipe ideas on this board, it would be greatly appreciated!

45 more pounds to go!!


I wanted to tell you all congratulations first of all! This is a great plan & i started it myself 2 weeks ago to get "wedding-ready". I have 2 months to lose around 10 pounds. I want to look good for that honeymoon bikini!
I have lost 4 pounds already.
There is a book that they sell at WW that has all the Core foods & all the Point foods. It is pretty handy & around $9
Best of luck to you all & keep up the good work.


I've been on core for two weeks and I haven't lost any lbs (sigh). I don't think I had enough information to start with. This website has helped refine the edges so to speak and I'm tightening it in this week to see how it goes. I found a recipe earlier today and tried it for lunch, this seems like a good place to share. The tortilla has 1 point and I guess the cheese has a point or two...but it's worth it for an easy, fast and tasty lunch. Good luck everyone! I hope to loose two pounds this week!!!!
Goat Cheese Pizza
1-6" corn tortilla, sprayed with butter and crisped in the oven on about 350. Spread chopped garlic from a jar thinly onto the tortilla and then sprinkle with basil. Crumble goat cheese, and layer some chopped tomatoes and fresh spinach (lots of spinach, it likes to shrink). Put it back in the oven just long enough to melt the cheese. It takes about 10 minutes total, just don't forget the basil it makes a huge difference. Thanks guys!


I think that I would re-think your lunch choice if you've chosen to do Core. You're right the corn tortilla is 1 pt. But the butter is at least 1 pt and the goat cheese could cost you as little as 2 pts possibly 3 pts.And depending on the garlic, most in a jar is packed in some sort of oil(more pts). Being as we can only consume 35 pts per week max, you might want to spend your points wiser.That could add up to 4 or 5 pts per pizza ???
Just a thought ??
Wishing you best of luck with your weight loss.


I became a lifetime ww member about 10 years ago and even worked for ww for a while, weighing in members at the meetings.
In Jan. 2005 I returned, needing to lose approx. 25 pounds.
I lost a few pounds initially but then gained them back and am having a difficult time trying to stay focused.
Tonight at the mtg my leader recommended I try the core plan.
Any help from other members would be appreciated.


I too am a lifer, and I am trying to lose my weight(20lbs) for the 3rd time.I do believe that the core program is easier. Less of your thoughts are on food and counting points. I think it somewhat takes away the pressure of dieting, when you can open the frig and pick a core food and eat until you are in your comfort zone. If you scroll back on this site and read the other parts of this site, I believe you will find a lot of encouragement from a great group of remarkable people. This is a wonderful site !!!
Best of luck !


I jumped on the Core Plan as soon as I heard about it (last fall) and I've lost 25 pounds so far...only 5 till goal! I hated the flexpoints system. I was always so worried about having enough points for dinner that I was thinking about food all day long. Now that the Core foods have become a natural part of my life, I don't think about it at all. I can even go out to a restaurant and have a steak and baked potato, or baked fish and salad with oil and vinegar on the side. For the first time ever I have confidence that I'll be able to keep the weight off this time because this is a plan I can live with.

Jill 94% fat free kettle corn considered CORE? I've only found that the regular type popcorns are considered CORE (the "white" kind) - I LOVE kettle corn - but wanted to get a consensus to see if it is in fact CORE. If so, you all should buy stock in Orville Redenbacher's because I will buy it out :)


When the core says no "deli meats" what exactly do they mean? I am thinking I can have turkey from the deli, but no bologna or salami. Is this correct?


Hey those who use the old points system what makes core better? or worse? I mean basically if you follow the old system of managing your points you will loose weight correct? I guess my thing is if it ain't broke don't fix it. :)


W.W. is trying to symplify things. No counting, no tracking, no measuring, just eat from the huge food list !!
Can't get any easier than that !! Besides, then your not always thinking about food, all day long, measuring, counting, planning, and if you make an error in without something you would really like, and possibly feel deprived.
Core is a no-brainer !!


Can someone give me a sample menu for the Core Foods plan? Thanks!


We have a problem in this branch of forums. We are all new in here and trying to get this somewhat confusing system down. Most of us dont know what to eat. I dont know what to eat. The problem is that we are all new and dont know the answers we are asking each other!LOL can anyone else see the insanity?


Actually, a lot of us are members, and some are leaders. There is a lot of correct info in this sites !!!!!

Kenya Austin

I started the Core system this week. So far I like it. What I plan to do is change programs every 3 or 4 weeks, (core/points). Thats about the time I begin to get bored with a program.


Kettle Corn is NOT a core food and this plan does take some learning to love it. The best way to love it while learning it is to live it. I personally love it. I am a leader who lost 90 pounds and gained 36 last year during chemo. Just keep living it and it will become part of you.


And no, deli meats even turkey are NOT core. It's only CORE if it's sliced from the turkey.

Tara Smith

This site was very helpful to me. It is very encouraging to see that other WWrs are facing some of the same obstacles that I am facing, but can
keep on trecking and figure them out. I think the core plan is a great plan. Three years ago, I lost over twenty-five lbs. on the flex plan and became a lifetime member. I am sorry to say that I have gained most of that back-not all, but most. Some people are able to maintain their weight loss using points, but I happen to be a mood eater and sometimes I need to consume large quantities of food for whatever reason. That is where the core plan works in my favor. I know that I cannot consume endless amounts of what I want, but I can
eat a whole bag of FF popcorn and not feel guilty and resume normal eating for the rest of the week after my mood clears. I feel healthier on this plan and I hope that it will help me achieve my weight loss goal. Good luck to everyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One last thing, I don't understand why all-natural sliced turkey breast from the deli meat counter is not a CORE food; have they a different way of preparing it?


Hi folks. Core really works if you work it and it is so healthy to boot. Imagine all that refined flour and sugar out of your system!

I have lost 24 pouinds since March and feel pretty darn good. My skin is clear, my bowels (sharing too much huh?) are moving freely and my feet and knees hurt less. May sound like I'm kidding here but I aint. I feel much better. Almost healthy. I can bend over easier, not not get as out of breath, clothes falling off me!

I'm saving my life one day at a time!


Tara, I feel you! I consume the entire bag of pop corn myself. My co-workers follow the smell and then I have to share! Dont they understand???? That is my popcorn (LOL)

FF/SF pudding is also my savior!


I pack a small cooler first thing in the morning before work. I made it a priority, even if I get up late. I would rather be late for work than have no prepared food for the day (don't let my boss hear me say that!)
Beside fruit and popcorn I vary with sugar free jello, baby carrotts, cut up kirby cucumbers, and fat-free/sugar-free pudding, I mix them up and put them in those ziplock containers. Sometimes I need protein, so cooked chicken (skinless) or some slices of lean ham rolled up with mustard is a great snack.
Another lovely and perhaps more exciting snack is cold cooked shrimp with cocktail sauce. I buy the bags of frozen peeled cooked shrimp at the market when they are on sale. Put them in a container and they are defrosted quickly. Classy and tasty.

Plus you get the 35 points a week. Like 24 baked torilla chips are only 2 points, make up some guacomole or have them with salsa. By the way guacamole is core and is great with carrot sticks and celery sticks!

Core is working for me and will work for you but you must plan ahead!

I'm saving my own life!


I started Core January 2005. I love it, no journaling nd counting points, except 35 per week. I have lost 50 pounds so far. Dotti'sweightlosszone is a good web site. It is a way of life for me.


Hi all. I am new to the Core plan but excited and I just found this site. Hope to learn more about everyone and get more ideas.


Does anyone know how Maintenance works for the core program? Thanks.


I've been doing core since March and have lost almost 20 pounds. I've been losing slowly, but that's okay. I have less chance to gain it back. Also, I still have my treats and am never hungry. I don't feel as if I'm "dieting." And I never even THINK about points, outside of the noncore foods (even that I keep track of in my head, which I know youre not supposed to do).

Anyway, I am HARD-CORE!


I have been doing WW since June (flex plan) and have lost 11 lbs - .5 lb at a time! Hate going to meetings and hearing 2-3 pound losses so I decided to try the core plan and see if that helps. I do an exercise video every am and walk for at least 30 min every night; you'd think I could lose. Anyone else a slow loser - I could use some encouragement.

Joyce Chatham

I have just joined ww online but I haven't figured how to use it. I don't know how you get the info you need to follow the pan and any help they give you.They had me give a user name and password but I can't figgure out how to use it. I am 67 and new to computers but I am doing fair. Can someone tell me how to log on as a member.

Alison Bell

I am just starting the " Core" plan, is the key to stick to the list, but you really are not limited on portions? As long as they are on the list.


My best friend and I just started WW and we're doing the core plan. Would anyone happen to know if beef jerky is core? It doesn't have any added sugar and you can eat it on the south beach diet, so we were thinking it's okay. Thanks!

Alison Bell

what do you think of Core so far, I think it is going to be much better than the points system. I started on it last Sunday, and seem to have lost about 3 lbs?

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