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I check in frequently to see if you have returned and voila -- here you are. I always refer your posts to a dear friend who is energized by your weight watchers' persistence. I am too by the way. Keep on keeping on as they say and eventually ..

Anyhow glad to read you and hope you post some updates along the way. It sure is a slog isn't it? Best of luck (although luck has nothing to do with it - hard work and small successes are more like it)

Matt Metzgar

I'm sorry, but this diet looks like a setup for disaster. No meat at all? Have you ever looked into the paleo diet? You might have better results with that.

Anyways, good luck.

Anne Marie

Great site! One quick question about Core. If I have bread, ex: toast for breakfast, and count the points, can I still have either pasta, rice or potatoes at dinner? We used to have an "At Work Program" up until this January and one member who used to follow the Core Plan told me it wasn't a good idea. I've just switched to Core and I'd like your input on this issue. Thanks!


Just found this site.Love it.I was on core for a year & 1/2.Lost over 60 lbs.Iknow it works.I quit going to meetings last Nov. & gained 15 lbs.I'm trying to get back op w/out going because of money.

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